A brief history...

MDB Recordings was started in early 2002 with the sole purpose of putting out the Seekret Socyetee record, "The ILL Word".  I had been writing and recording it in my mom's garage along with my two buds, Noel and Leron (VITAL and Maylay).  All of us being sick of the general over corporatization of the music industry led me to starting my own label, one that existed without contracts and bureaucracy and instead focused on creativity and expression.  

MDB has released many records over the years, all on handshake deals, and while I can't say we ever made any money I think we managed to effectively document many wonderful moments of sonic experimentation, genuine emotion and friendship.  

Anyway as always we are a label owned and operated by the musicians and artists who create the music.  All your support goes straight back to the people who have created the art found here and we appreciate it very, very much.  

Much respect, Matt



Heyo!  So I told myself that as part of my quest to free trapped energy and complete my incomplete cycles of action I would write a blog post.  Never done this before so it is an interesting feeling.  To converse blindly with the ether is how it feels to me.  It is strangely comforting and somewhat cathartic, I guess oddly similar to recording and releasing a record without expectation or goal beyond documenting that time, place and emotion.  I don't think you need any reason beyond that.  I feel like the best version of myself, the most confident when I am creating.  An old friend told me he believes the meaning of life is to create, especially since it seems it is the destiny and natural inclination of mankind to destroy. To engage in artistic creation is to shed the trappings of our own DNA, to evolve, if even for a moment, into something greater than ourselves.  



Caitlyn Margulis


Dave Shapiro (North America)

Ed Sellers (Europe)





Dave Shapiro