Twan trons fer dayz, late...

Once upon a time on a stony beach far, far away, a little buddy named Embrah was merked into existence. The precocious progeny of a vegan seal and a party-loving anemone, Embrah embrahdied the spirit of Jimi Hendrix and Oprah projing super hard on a Nick's burrito.

On the 23rd of September, year of our Turr Buss Lord, he embrahrked on a richter journey to the center of the prog rock universe. Wheceforth he decreed to all his bud buds, "You get a solo! You get a solo! Everyone gets a solo!", but instead proceeded to preach the perils of invasive species over a cacophonous but righteous guitar-solo-sermon. 

Alas, his divine potential was never realized, as he remains in a perpetual state of top titty-dom, glued to a glowing screen with a joystick embrahded in one hand and a holy cbd chalice in the other, calling out to Baraba Muller, and aching for one last glimpse of the most rock hard butt to ever grace this earth.

Yet, hope still remains that the legendary but elusive R.B. Turn Its will once again study dat, embrahce one another, and live out the rest of their glorious lives... on a turr buss, wit us.